What is so important about “Compliance & Standards”?

When it comes to product development, standards form the fundamental building blocks that give us confidence a product is safe and will perform properly. Standards like UL, establish consistent testing metrics, processes, protocols, and benchmarks for performance and for all intents, make us believe that the products that we are buying, that meet stringent standards, have been tested thoroughly.

Standards help establish consistency that can be universally understood and adopted while making it easier to understand and compare competing products. So the next time you are considering what mass notification system to implement as part of your life-safety strategies consider the following.

Mercury’s n.FORM’s mass notification system features:
-Systems that meet industry standards. IBC and NFPA code specifies that mass notification equipment must meet their proper standards. UL2572 is the standard for hardware and software for mass notification. We understand that when it comes to safety, compliance is not optional.

-Headend equipment that meets the UL2572 standard and is a complete communications control center for mass notifications. The system comes fully loaded with pre-recorded messages, text-to-speech, variable audio inputs, Field PoP (CLOUD), zone controlling and more. The headend also leverages an open-protocol platform for integrating with third-party devices.

-A full DRMNS (Distributed Recipient Mass Notification System) capable of all types of digital, electronic notifications such as: emailing, texting, telephone calling, utilizing social media & more.

-A Network Distribution Audio Platform that meets UL 2572 and is a robust component that reproduces audio while monitoring speakers and the health of the system. It is used to distribute the various communication messages to assigned outputs. The Networked Amplifier is designed to provide clear, intelligible messaging no matter what device is connected.

Mercury Notifications’ comprehensive line of engineered indoor and outdoor speakers creates audible intelligibility unmatched. The n.FORM system can also deliver signals through digital signage, sirens, strobes and more.

The n.FORM system helps to ensure the message is received and has the capability to reach occupants throughout a facility, in other buildings, across a parking lot or around the world.

Remember, standards exist to set an acceptable metric for safety and performance. Many times the standard is considered a trusted barometer for performance. When your focus is on protecting your people, your property and your company or school brand, having a mass notification system that does NOT meet established standards is just risky business.

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