Response Able Mass Notifications ™



We specialize in manufacturing a full suite of notification technologies,
starting with Mercury’s MerCure System, a complete notification solution that provides the hardware, software, and controls needed for your mass notification projects

The Next Generation of Notification and Unification is:  Simple, Powerful, Connected – Mercury MerCure provides a complete system for notification that integrates with your existing Audio, IT, Telphony systems.  MerCure is expandable, programmable and easily unifies your audio, paging and telephone systems across multiple platforms.   

No matter what the situation, we target and notify via distributed audio, video, pre-recorded messages, email, SMS/Text, Voice Call, One Touch Conference Calls, Twitter, Teams, Digital Signage and more.  MerCure enables two way talk-back, with two way text back and email ingestion.  How can we help?

Check out some of our hardware, software, technical documents and specification bel

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