Response Able Mass Notification™

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Keeping you informed

We believe everyone is essential.

Having the right information at the right moment reduces risk and saves lives.

At Mercury, we understand the importance of your message reaching 100% of your  audience during a critical incident or crisis.  We also know that the intelligibility of these messages is key to minimizing or eliminating loss.

As manufacturers, we know the importance of standards and compliance, especially when it comes to the safety and security of the people who you work and live with. That is why we've designed a complete mass notification emergency communication system that meets UL2572 standards and NFPA72 objectives.

When it's time to be clear about safety, choose Mercury Notifications.






Business owners know that keeping your team informed is key to staying on top of  safety and your corporate objectives.





Nothing is as important or as paramount to their future as keeping our children engaged in learning and safe while in our local and community schools.

Higher Ed


Municipal & Government


Giving students clear direction in the case of a campus incident helps keep our colleges, institutions and students stay safely on course.

Municipal & Government

Manufacturing & Transportation

Municipal & Government


Strategies for eliminating and reducing risk as well as MNEC systems that meet standards and compliance are imperative for government and military facilities..  

Manufacturing & Transportation

Manufacturing & Transportation

Manufacturing & Transportation


 A true MNEC system gives you the ability to communicate real information in real time no matter where your employees are in your plant or on the road..

Healthcare & Insurance

Manufacturing & Transportation

Manufacturing & Transportation


When saving or insuring lives is the basis for your business, a mass notification and communication strategy is key to the safety of your support teams.

About Mercury Notifications

What we do

Mercury Notifications manufactures and sells n.FORM Mass Notification Systems.


With its n.FORM System, Mercury Notifications has delivered a superior solution for life safety and a Mass Notification and Emergency Communication (MNEC) solution that meets the design requirements for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 72: Fire Alarm and Signaling and the UL 2572 standard. 

Offering a complete, supervised system that is smart, secure and comes with greater control and flexibility, the n.FORM delivers a clear and intelligible message to 100% of the intended audience.  Choosing life safety is a clear choice with Mercury Notifications. 

Since 2013, we are proud that our systems are manufactured in the USA, with an unparalleled 10-year conditional warranty.


The n.FORM Mass Notification and Emergency Communications system had been part of Lencore before a separate company, Mercury Notifications, was formed in early 2020.

 If you are looking for Lencore and its sound masking offering, please go to

Compliance & Standards

 n.FORM's complete mass notification system features: 

  • IBC and NFPA code specifies that mass notification equipment must meet their proper standards.  UL2572 is the standard for hardware and software for mass notification.  Compliance is not optional.

  • Head-end equipment that meets the UL 2572 standard and is a complete communications control center for mass notifications. The system comes fully loaded with pre-recorded messages, text-to-speech, variable audio inputs, Field PoP (CLOUD), zone controlling and more. The head-end also leverages an open-protocol platform for integrating with third-party devices.

  • A full DRMNS (Distributed Recipient Mass Notification System) capable of emailing, texting, telephone calling, utilizing social media & more.

  • A Network Distribution Audio Platform that meets UL 2572 and is a robust component that reproduces audio while monitoring speakers and the health of the system. It is used to distribute the various communication messages to assigned outputs. The OP is designed to provide clear, intelligible messaging no matter what device is connected.

  • Mercury Notifications' comprehensive line of engineered indoor and outdoor speakers creates audible intelligibility unmatched. The n.FORM system  can also deliver signals through digital signage, email, text messaging, sirens, strobes and more.

  • The n.FORM system helps to ensure the message is received and has the capability to reach occupants throughout a facility, in other buildings, across a parking lot or around the world

Preventing Harm & Loss

In certain situations and during emergency events the dissemination of information is key to life safety.  

Mercury's n.FORM is capable of communicating that information as well as monitoring every piece of the MNEC system equipment while simultaneously being able to reach every person, smart device, desktop or other intelligent device.

To minimize harm and prevent loss, messages must not only be seen and heard - they must be understood.  A properly designed Mass Notification Emergency Communications (MNEC) System, must meet four critical criteria.  





Reach is coverage visually or audibly to 100% of the intended audience to inform and instruct. 

Clarity is the degree to which the audience understands the message they are intended to receive.  

Redundancy is about multiple methods of communication to ensure receipt as well as fail safes for system operation.

Reporting provides opportunity to react in the event of a system compromise or failure, and also serves as an evaluation tool for operation optimization.

Remember, a well-designed MNEC solution will ensure that 100% of the intended audiences are clearly informed and directed to safety.  Because, when it comes to life-safety, everyone is essential.