Looking to the Future: The Mass Notification Market & Opportunity

For security professionals and integrators, the market need for mass notification and the global forecast for the market is estimated to be worth $17.3 billion by 2024.
This figure, according to a published report by MarketsandMarkets*1 includes all hardware, software and services for in-building, wide area, and distributed recipient solutions) and is being driven by the growing concern for public safety, security and the increasing need for integrated systems and notification devices.

Currently, there are code committees reviewing wide-spread adoption for the UL standard. When compliance to the standard is realized, there will be a compelling directive for campuses, government buildings and other facilities to have a robust emergency communication system that meets stringent requirements for Mass Notification to communicate during non-fire emergencies and other hazards.

The increase in demand for emergency communication systems continues to grow, but these systems, specifically mass notification systems, do not have to be difficult to specify or to install. In fact, having options for an intuitive, open-platform solution that can incorporate all the distinct parts of the entire system will go a long way to streamlining and refining system architecture and interoperability with end points, other buildings and systems.

Looking forward, these types of intelligent systems can be used to collect data that can prove valuable to facility and security professionals making decisions that impact the life-safety of their occupants and visitors.

Considering this, your mass notification system just may be the most important investment you make to ensure the safety and security of your people, property, and brand.

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