Corporate Culture: What we live and breathe at Mercury.

The Brand Values that we live, eat and breathe on Mercury drive every aspect of our corporate culture.
In all that we do and every product we make and integrate with, we keep things Clear, Concise and Consistent because we believe in crystal clear communication – and because at Mercury we say what we will do, then we do it, and tell you we’ve done it – so you are always in the know.

We keep information organized and targeted to reach the right audience, in our systems and in the way we communicate. This means we keep educational materials separate and apart from technical specification info which will be different from sales and training info, which will be different from traditional marketing information.

We like to keep in touch! Just like our mass notification systems, we use multiple touch points to communicate all that we do to make sure we are being heard and understood. From the various methods and platforms (on-premise, wide area speakers, DRMNS) we use to distribute mass notification to the way we communicate with clients – from initial phone call to order placement, installation, through follow up and maintenance. We do this so that our clients know they are always on our mind and that we are on top of our communication channel and so that everyone is informed. Because that is what we do.

At Mercury, we value TIME. We know that time is truly valuable, both during an emergency situation, or in how we utilize our time during the day, or in the time we take to share marketing messages with clients. We try hard to be as concise as we can and to use as few words as needed to convey important information clearly, except here, in this blog, we’ll be wordy-gurdy. Damn marketers.

We like to KISS – we mean, keep it simple (for) safety. The world has enough stress, we want to simplify the process and make your experience with Mercury…easy. By that we mean that we want our process and our products to be easy to explain and understand. We want our team to be easy to deal with and give our team and clients easy access to management when needed.

Finally, we are committed to sourcing locally whenever possible and we’re USA and NY manufacturers and YES, very proud of it.
Yes, we are thought leaders when it comes to life-safety and mass notification. But we are also a truly inspiring and fun group to be part of. If you can see yourself supporting our values and you are energetic, full of great ideas and believe you can be an asset to our organization, we’d love to hear from you! Reach our intergalactic HR team at Planet Mercury at

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