We believe everyone is essential.

During crisis, a moment of clarity can mean a world of difference. Having the right information at the right moment reduces risk and saves lives. At Mercury Notifications, we understand the importance of your message reaching 100% of your audience, 100% of the time.  In addition, system integration, user interface and customized messaging is key to designing a mass notification system that works precisely how you need it, and when you need it, during any type of emergency. Mercury offers an end-to-end solution that provides intuitive system controls, distributed audio, digital and visual notification – all while meeting NFPA72 and UL2572, key life safety codes and standards for mass notification.

We keep people, property & your brand, safer.

Mercury Notifications manufactures and sells n.FORM(R) Mass Notification Systems. With its n.FORM System, Mercury Notifications has delivered a superior solution for life safety and a Mass Notification and Emergency Communication (MNEC) solution that meets the design requirements for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 72: Fire Alarm and Signaling and the UL 2572 Standard. Offering a complete system that includes both hardware and software as well as end-to-end supervision, the n.FORM system is smart, secure and comes with on-site and off-site controls to deliver a clear and intelligible message to 100% of the intended audience. Choosing life safety is a clear choice with Mercury Notifications. Since 2013, we are proud that our systems are manufactured in the USA, with an unparalleled 10-year conditional warranty.

Simplifying Mass Notification

We manufacture one system that provides a complete, integrated solution for real time communication during emergency events.

When it comes to life safety, compliance should never be optional.

 Mercury’s Response Able Mass Notification complies with the NFPA72 Code and the UL2572 Standard for Mass Notification Systems

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